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Welcome to Crystal Clarity & Harmony

Hello my name is Kim, I am a Star Priestess, Reiki Master, Clairvoyant/Tarot, Crystal and Angel card reader, qualified Massage Therapist (Cert IV), Angelic Reiki (Level II) and Crystal Light Healing Practitioner (Level III).

Growing up I have always been aware of energies and have had a knowing when things are not right, After swapping and changing jobs I came to the realisation that I really wasn’t meant to fit into mainstream/corporate society and it was in 2007 when I felt there was “more” to me and life and something was ‘missing’ that I starting working on myself and wanted to develop and increase my spirituality. Through my learning and development I have found that my passion is to provide insight into people’s lives and to shed light on those issues that may be holding them back from finding true happiness as I had to deal with this myself.

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