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Tarot Reading and Massage Therapy Penrith

If you’re looking for tarot reading or massage therapy in Penrith, Kim from Crystal Clarity & Harmony is the person you should reach out to. From a young age Kim was aware of energies and spirituality. After an in-depth spiritual journey, Kim learnt her purpose in life was to provide insight and healing to others. Now a Star Priestess, Reiki Master, Clairvoyant, and Crystal and Angel card reader, Kim’s ability to provide understanding, peace, balance, and natural healing into your life is strong.

Kim specialises in crystal reading, tarot reading and massage therapy in Penrith and the surrounding suburbs. During tarot readings, Kim will connect with your Chakras and Auric field, ensuring she has a sound connection with your emotional, physical, and spiritual pathways. Once Kim feels connected to your energy, either Tarot or Crystal card reading will take place. The reading be completed with an Angel card reading and crystal picking. Kim can also organise phone readings, or reading parties if that is what you’re looking for.

Kim’s gifts also extend beyond tarot reading. As a qualified, experienced massage therapist, specialising in relaxation and pregnancy massage, Kim’s massage sessions can provide energy, wellness, and mental clarity. With massage, physical pain and aches are likely to reduce, and even the need for medication may decrease. If you’re not sure how to begin your spiritually journey, massage with Kim is the perfect place to begin.

If you’re considering tarot reading or massage therapy in Penrith, contact Kim today on 0416 215 531. Journey spiritually and let Kim guide you to clarity and harmony.

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